This Could Change Your Life

The hierarchy recently had its 2020 Kickoff that not only kicked off the year, but a new decade. We had great hierarchy leaders come from all over, but the true stars of this event was the Burn hierarchy including their remarkable leader, his amazing RVP Matt Hill, and his three new Primerica stud RVPs-- the Edwards, the Greens, and the Loves. At the meeting after the meeting, we had the pleasure of hearing the men of 6Figure Ambition speak on the Primerica Opportunity and how it could change someone's life.

Each of these men have incredible stories of how they were already living what most people would consider "The American Dream". Dennis Love was a school principal with a PHD making $102,000 a year, Darmond Edwards ran a legal service business with his wife making upward of $300,000, Mike Green had a successful daycare business he ran with his wife. They all had already known success by society's terms but there was something about Primerica that attracted them and changed their lives. Dennis ended up in a transition period after losing his job proving that no job is safe. As Darmond said "I realized I was self-employed. Even though I had my own business, I still had shackles around my ankles." What does that mean? He goes on to say "In order for me to make money, I still had to show up for work everyday." Primerica can be the catalyst to change anyone's life is they're willing to take the shot.

So how did the Primerica Opportunity step in and change these men's lives? According to Matt Hill, "I saw a lot of people around me with good jobs, but no one with fortunes or making hundreds of thousands of dollars. So when I got the opportunity for someone making six figures to teach me, I understood I wasn't making the money I wanted to make or if something happened to me, my family would be in trouble." Now he makes over $100,000 and is about to cross over $200,000 along with the Edwards who have been in the business less than 1 year and have already gotten their Power Builder rings and are shooting to cross over $200,000 as well.

The men of the Burns hierarchy are not just making money, but they are truly building businesses. As Ronnell himself said, "we've positioned ourselves to where our income is not one-to-one. To make money it doesn't require our time." Most people are living an American Nightmare. They live paycheck to paycheck and end up running out of money in retirement and going back to work or die at their desk...never knowing true financial freedom. Primerica offers people that knowledge. Whether as a client building wealth and/or as an agent building a business. As a client your family is protected through life insurance until you can become self-insured, and your future is protected through investments. But the biggest opportunity for Primerica to change your life is the fact that you can "sit down and have a simple conversation with people who are in dire need of our services and can walk away with a $500 check for less than an hour worth of time." That is the power of this opportunity.

To see the full video, see the video below.

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